Essential guide to choosing your wedding food

  1. Pick exactly what YOU want. You are paying for it - it’s your special day. Don’t compromise too much on what you like. Our menu’s are bespoke so we can adapt your choices to any allergens or dietary requirements.

  2. Keep the menu SHORT and SWEET. We always recommend our barbecued bavette steak (can’t go wrong with steak!), a chicken and a vegetarian option. A short menu keeps service times short and helps guests out - things can get a little confusing after a glass or two of bubbly.

  3. Sharing is caring. Is there anything better than sharing fantastic food with family and friends? We don’t think there is and so all our food is served to be shared. All our free range Yorkshire chickens and Himalayan aged grass fed ribeye steaks come portioned and sliced. And the best thing is everyone can try a bit of everything. WIN WIN!

  4. Barbecue is BEST. We may be slightly biased but we think the best food for weddings is cooked over open fire. The smokey flavour and the theatre of a charcoal barbecue cannot be beaten. Try our “Meat Hook” menu for bigger cuts slowly grilled over smouldering oak.

  5. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box. Usual formulas are boring so why not have canapés as evening food or even as a side to go with the mains? As every wedding is different we’re open to any ideas you may have.

  6. Buffet is DEFINITELY not boring. It has a bit of a bad rep but when done well buffet style service can be brilliant. Guests can see the food being cooked and ask questions about the food options - creating an immersive eating experience. It might not work with your venue but always be open to the different service styles that your caterer or organiser might suggest.

  7. Suit the SEASON. Try to put yourself into your guests’ and your shoes when choosing the food. How hot will it be? What is in season? We have so much fantastic seasonal food in the UK. Ask for cherries on your pavlova for a July wedding or grilled English asparagus as a side for a May wedding. Not only will the food taste the best it can, you will support British farmers and growers.

  8. Ask for something special. We’re passionate about the food we sell so we get very excited when clients ask for a special cut of beef for their special day. As we work very closely with our meat supplier we can age a nice rib of dexter beef for several weeks, for example. Let us know what you love and we can make it work.

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Thanks for reading,

Henry Sutton, Grill Chief x